Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sisyphus writes

Deary me, it's been an awfy long time since I've put anything up here.  It's certainly not for want of things to write about but getting it down on electronic paper has been another matter.

A few months ago I had enough of coming across various DVDs and thinking 'I've been meaning to watch that for ages'.  I decided to do an audit of my unwatched DVD collection and found there were about 150 of them.  I then compiled a list and put them in a rough order of preference to try and make some sense of the task ahead of me (I have also noted their length, whether they're borrowed, and whether my OH wants to see it too). 

The problem is that no sooner do I watch a DVD than I seem to acquire another.  My lovefilm list, for example, stood at about 120 in June.  A few months later and it's grown to 148.  That's over 6 years worth of rentals (before adding anything else that will come out in that time).

I've certainly increased my film-watching considerably this year, but this has only served to highlight how little I have seen and know.  When I come across a new director or genre that's intrigued or excited me then I've gone to try and track down more.  A frustrating, expensive but thoroughly rewarding pursuit.

This has left NPP sadly neglected which is a shame.  However, I have recognised that I am never going to catch up with all the films I want to see and need to be comfortable with that.  As such, instead of trying to cram another film in that spare couple of hours, I will endeavour to return here.

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